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    I am trying to build a small website using Rapidweaver. When I checked the youtube tutorials, I taught I would be able to do it myself. I bought your stacks almost three times and I am still having problem. 
    I wanted to use rapidweaver theme with your stack got error messages, returned your stacks. I taught, it was my fault, I then bought it again and did not work. I then bought a stack from other rapidwearver developer that one is now working good. That is why I had to request a refund. 
    I would not mind having all your stacks and wish to know if there is a way to use it with other rapidweaver themes.
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    Dear Jo,

    I bought a new MacBook Pro.
    Now my keys for Stacks and Page Safe etc are asked.


    Can you send them ALL to me?

    Or when can I find them?

    best wishes,



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